Whole Grain Pecan Loaf
and Fall in Temecula

There is something about the change in seasons that gives way to a breadth of newness.. the jewel tone hues of summer redesigned to shades of crimson, sienna and umber. The air thins out as the moisture from the humidity declines and the wisps of the wind blow gentle breezes across the plains here in my Temecula.

Sometimes words alone can't describe it.. not even the pictures captured through my lens. But the feeling I get with this sensation none the less is enough to brighten my countenance and fill me with a renewed vigor.

There is nothing I love more than to welcome the cooler season with scents of fresh baked breads and the nutty aromas of whole grains and nuts.. and cloves! Something about the scent of cloves in all it's allure and mystery speaks not just of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but of a quintessence that entertains a feeling of anticipation.

A much needed day of rest and relaxation as I strolled through the Vail Lake Resort off of Hwy 79.. I have a special spot that I often retreat to that overlooks the glen and the lake in the distance. I can't recall a time ever visiting my little haven without being greeted by the whistle of the wind rustling through the trees.

“Prayer is not a way of making use of God; prayer is a way of offering ourselves to God in order that He should be able to make use of us. It may be that one of our great faults in prayer is that we talk too much and listen too little. When prayer is at its highest we wait in silence for God's voice to us; we linger in His presence for His peace and His power to flow over us and around us; we lean back in His everlasting arms and feel the serenity of perfect security in Him.”
Quote by William Barclay

Even my eldest daughter today made a remark about
the weather finally giving way to Fall..

This ridge in Temecula is along The Rainbow Gap, a valley way that brings cool air from San Diego's ocean through to the Temecula Valley.. the affect of this cool air is what gives the Temecula Vineyards it's plush flora and makes grape growing ideal. The moderate daytime temperatures and warm sunny days along with cool nights, are ideal conditions for the best wine grapes.

After a stroll on a crisp fall day there is nothing more comforting than a slice of fresh baked whole grain bread with yummy oats and pecans, scented with clove and drenched in homemade honey butter.

Beautiful sepia colors of dried out sunflowers..

Every year we look forward to a visit to Peltzer Farms for their annual fall festivities and gorgeous display of pumpkins.

Bella's choice..

...and mine!

Happy Fall 2010!!
Can't wait to unveil some hardy recipes and photo's..
Ciao, Abbracci e Baci!!