Whole Wheat Apple Pecan Buttermilk Waffles
with Lavender Honey Butter

There's nothing like a Sunday with my family gathered around the table sharing in fresh baked waffles. 
Always a favorite with my husband and children.. but this new recipe utilizes whole wheat flour to give it a nuttier more satisfying bite.. as well as a healthier one too!

I love flavored butters and the addition of lavender essence was fun and fanciful at the same time. Perfect for the turn of weather and preparations for Spring! You can use any essential oil.. just remember they are concentrated and you don't need much at all.  If you do happen to make a purchase of oils.. it's nice to have lemon and peppermint on hand too. You can add them to a cake mixture or buttercream icing. You'll love how unique your recipes will be when you start playing with flavors, essences and extracts. You bring a whole new level of individuality to your cooking! 

Hope you enjoy! Buon Appetitio!